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Webcasts & Presentations
09/06/17Download DocumentationETE ETP Barclays Conference Presentation
08/15/17Download DocumentationCiti One-on-One MLP Conference
06/26/17Download DocumentationJ.P. Morgan Conference Presentation
05/31/17Download DocumentationMLPA Investor Conference
04/03/17Download DocumentationETP/SXL Investor Presentation Updated April 3, 2017
03/01/17Download DocumentationUpdated Investor Presentation
11/21/16Download DocumentationSXL and ETP Investor Presentation
09/07/16Download DocumentationBarclays Conference Presentation
08/17/16Download DocumentationETE & ETP Presentation - Citi MLP Conference
12/07/15Download DocumentationEnergy Transfer Equity Presentation Wells Fargo Investor Meetings
11/17/15Download DocumentationLake Charles LNG – 2015 Analyst Day
11/17/15Download DocumentationWilliams Commercial/Revenue Synergies Opportunities (with Energy Transfer)
11/17/15Download DocumentationEnergy Transfer Equity 2015 Analyst Day Presentation
11/17/15Download DocumentationEnergy Transfer Partners 2015 Analyst Day Presentation
11/16/15Download DocumentationETP SUN Investor Presentation – Dropdown
09/28/15Download DocumentationETE to Acquire Williams Presentation
09/08/15Download DocumentationETE Presentation - Barclays Conference
08/19/15Download DocumentationETP Presentation - Citi MLP Conference
07/15/15Download DocumentationETE & ETP Presentation - Dropdown #3 and GP/IDR Exchange
06/22/15Download DocumentationETE Presentation - Credit Suisse MLP and Energy Logistics Conference
06/22/15Download DocumentationETE - Williams Investor Presentation
05/19/15Download DocumentationETE Investor Presentation - Senior Secured Notes
02/24/15Download DocumentationETE Presentation - Credit Suisse 20th Annual Energy Summit
01/30/15Download DocumentationETP - Regency Merger
01/30/15Download DocumentationETP’s Merger with Regency
11/18/14Download DocumentationLake Charles LNG/ETE Analyst Presentation
11/18/14Download DocumentationBakken SXL GP IDR Exchange
11/18/14Download DocumentationEnergy Transfer Partners Analyst Presentation
11/17/14Download DocumentationRegency Energy Partners LP 2014 Investor Day
09/30/14Download DocumentationDeutsche Bank Leveraged Finance Conference
09/03/14Download DocumentationBarclays Conference Presentation
06/10/14Download DocumentationCredit Suisse Conference Presentation
04/28/14Download DocumentationETP’s Acquisition of Susser Holdings Presentation
12/23/13Download DocumentationRegency Energy Partners LP Acquisitions of Eagle Rock Energy Partners, L.P.’s Midstream Assets & Hoover Energy Partners LP’s Midstream Assets
11/20/13Download Documentation2013 Analyst Presentation
10/10/13Download DocumentationRegency Energy Partners LP Acquisition of PVR Partners, L.P.
06/26/13Download DocumentationCredit Suisse MLP and Energy Logistics Conference Presentation
06/11/13Download DocumentationRegency Energy Partners LP Investor Day Presentation
05/22/13Download DocumentationNAPTP 2013 MLP Investor Conference
02/28/13Download DocumentationRGP to Acquire SUGS Presentation
08/09/17Download Documentation8:00 am CT: Q2 2017 ETP and ETE Joint Earnings Conference Call
05/04/17Download DocumentationQ1 2017 ETP, SXL and ETE Joint Earnings Conference Call
02/23/17Download Documentation8:00 am CT: Q4 2016 ETP and ETE Joint Earnings Conference Call
11/21/16Download DocumentationSunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners Conference Call
11/10/16Download Documentation8:00 am CT: Q3 2016 ETP and ETE Joint Earnings Conference Call
08/04/16Download Documentation8:00 am CT: Q2 2016 ETP and ETE Joint Earnings Conference Call
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